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Angels are everywhere!

Have you ever looked at the clouds in the sky and see an angel looking back down at you? 

Ever find a feather at your feet? 

Do you see repeated number patterns?

These aren't just coincidences they are your angels communicating with you! Beings of love and light, Angels are all around us and their only desire is to help us in all instances in our lives. 

Angel Psychic Readings...

Angel Psychic Medium


"I hear the Angels that you were born with, the Archangels and all the Angelic realm.  Readings are done in person or by phone and typically last 30 mins to 1 hour depending on the length of session you book. You can ask as many questions as you want in your session , there are no limitations. Longer sessions available by request.

Angel Reiki...

Certified Reiki and Angel Reiki Master/Practioner

"Reiki is a form of energy therapy that targets the energy that flows through and around the body. Energy can stagnate in the body where there has been physical injury, emotional pain, trauma or every day stress. In time, these energy blocks can cause illness and mental fatigue.  Reiki works by improving the flow of energy,  enabling relaxation, possible reduction of pain, boosts healing and reduces anxiety. A typical session can last between 30 minutes to an hour and can be done in person or remotely.

Access Bars...

 The Access Bars are 32 bars of energy that run through and around  your head that connect to different aspects of your life. 

The Bars store the electromagnetic component of all the thoughts,  ideas, attitudes, decisions and beliefs that you have ever had about  anything. The mind gets bogged down just as the body can, so the bars acts like reiki for the brain, using energy to release stagnant thought processes allowing more positivity to flow. A typical session lasts 30 minutes.


Angel Psychic Medium


Angel Card readings

Certified Reiki Master

Certified Angel Reiki Master

Certified Access Bars Practitioner

Certified Angelic Minister

Certified Spiritual Counselor


About Dawn

Psychic from childhood, Dawn always knew Angels existed, but it wasn't until her own health was challenged did she realize how much a part of her life the Angels would be.

Dawn relied on her faith and belief in God to see her through cancer treatments and the darker times of her illness. One day she heard a small voice that would change her life forever. It was an Angel telling her to hold tight that things would get better. From that moment on Angels appeared to her everywhere, guiding and speaking to her and through her for others.

Thanks to God and the Angels, Dawn is a survivor!

She opened her life and heart to the Angels, dedicating her life to fine tuning her skills and bringing the word of Spirit and the Angels to anyone who asks for them. She has become known as one of the most accurate Angel Psychic Mediums in New York and the USA. 



" This has been and continues to be an incredible journey and i am so blessed to be able to bring the words of Spirit, the Angels and Archangels to people. They are always with us just waiting to be asked for help. They cannot interfere with free will so people need to call upon them for the things they need, nothing is too great or too small. They bring the most love and joy ive ever felt and i absolutely believe I'm here today because of their support and guidance. I am eternally grateful to them. It is my honor and privilege to be the tool they have chosen to use to bring their Divine guidance to all who seek it... ~Dawn ."


Angel Content

Signs from your Angels


A few common signs from your Angels

Finding feathers in uncommon places or repeatedly finding them.

Seeing flashes of light out of the corner of your eye

Seeing small sparkles of silver or white

Seeing number patterns often

Tingling sensations or sudden goosebumps

Ringing in the ears that start and then stop suddenly

Sudden change in temperature (often warm)

Seeing the word "Angel" or pictures and drawings of them , randomly

Sensation of being touched gently 

Hearing your name called but no one is there

Floral or sweet scents that dont have a recognizable source

Dreaming of Angels

The Archangels


These are the angels who supervise the guardian angels and angels upon the earth. You might think of archangels as the “managers” among the earthly angels’ hierarchy. You can call upon an archangel whenever you need powerful and immediate assistance.

Since angels are purely spiritual beings, they have no time or space restrictions. An archangel can help many people in different geographical locations simultaneously. So, never worry about calling upon an angel because you fear that your need isn’t “big enough” or that the angel might be busy. Your call for help is sweet music to an angel’s ears.

Because of the “Law of Free Will,” angels and archangels cannot intervene in our lives unless we specifically ask for their help. The only exception to this is a life-endangering situation, where we could die before our time. Otherwise, it’s up to us to remember to constantly invite angels and archangels into our lives.  Here are 15 Archangels i work with often....

Archangel Michael ~ The Protector

Michael's name means 'He who is like God' or 'He who looks like God' His chief function is to rid the earth and its inhabitants of the toxins associated with fear. call on him for protection in every situations .Michael gives guidance and direction for people who need help or assistance in their life's purpose or career path ... to clarify or to make changes. Defender of the Element of Fire and of the South. Leader of the Archangels, he is the Angel of protection, justice , strength, courage,  and power. Archangel Michael often gives you a feeling of warmth when you call upon him so you know he is there, and he encourages you to make life changes that are required for your spiritual growth..  Call upon him for you or your loved ones whenever you need protection. Patron of Police, firefighters and Armed Forces.

Archangel Raphael ~ The Healer

Raphael's name means 'God heals' or 'God has healed' based upon the Hebrew word, Rapha, which means 'doctor' or 'healer' Raphael is a powerful healer of physical bodies, both for humans and animals. Defender of the Element of Air and of the East. He is the Angel of Love, Joy and Laughter, custodian of the Tree of Life and of Healing Powers.  Those suffering from illness (mental or physical) and  addictions would benefit asking Archangel Raphael for assistance. Patron Angel of all those in the field of Medicine. Call upon him for healing of mind, body and spirit.

Archangel Gabriel ~ The Messenger

Gabriel's name means 'God is my strength and loves to help writers and journalists deliver healing messages. Gabriel is also the Angel of child conception or the process of adopting. This archangel also helps anyone whose life purpose involves art or communication. Defender of the Element of Water and of the West. The Angel of resurrection, mercy and peace and benefactor of "all messangers", rebirth, creativity, prophecy, purifying your thoughts, body and emotions are all his speciality. Patron Angel of all who work in the field of communications. 


Archangel Uriel ~ The Thinker

Uriel's name means 'God is light' 'Gods light' or 'Fire of God' because he illuminates situations and gives prophetic information and warnings. Call on Uriel to bring clarity to your mind and help in making decisions. He will assist you in bringing ideas to light.  Uriel is also considered an archangel who helps us with natural disaster. Call upon archangel Uriel to avert such events, or to heal and recover in their aftermath. Defender of the element of earth and of the north. Angel of nature, visions and instruction and the custodian of prophecy & spiritual understanding. He also aids students with their tests, studies and problem solving. A patron angel of literature

Archangel Metatron ~ The Guider

Metatron is a fiery, energetic angel who has a special place in his heart for children, especially those who are spiritually gifted. He continues to lead children today, both on earth and in heaven. Archangel of Unity,  esoteric symbols, truth, children issues and coming into your own power. Patron Angel of Children and the psychically gifted.

Archangel Sandalphon ~ The Deliverer

Sandalphon's name means 'brother' in Greek, a reference to his twin brother, the archangel Metatron. The twins are the only archangels in heaven who were originally mortal men.  Sandalphon can help you live in integrity, with spiritual gifts of prophecy, healing and manifestation fully awakened. Sandalphon can help you speak your truth openly, in a way that benefits everyone. He will also help you appreciate all of the miracles and victories, of every size, in your life. Patron Angel of music.

Archangel Ariel ~ The Courageous

Archangel Ariel is the angel known for protecting animals, the environment, and those who seek to safeguard our world. Her name means “Lioness of God,” and she can inspire great courage in the hearts of those who call upon her, Archangel Ariel is also known to be an angel of manifesting the essentials of daily life. Call upon Ariel if you are feeling uncertain or experiencing a lack of confidence, and she will help you get in touch with you own inner strength. Patron Angel of the animal kingdom and environment.


Archangel Azrael ~ The Comforter

Azrael's name means 'Whom God helps'. Azrael's role is primarily to cross people over to heaven at the time of physical death. Azrael comforts people prior to their physical death, and comforts their familys left behind..He also ensures they do not suffer during death, and helps them to assimilate on the other side. Azrael also helps deceased loved ones to make contact with their living family and friends. You can ask Azrael to bring you messages or dream visions from your loved ones in heaven.Patron Angel of the departed.

Archangel Raguel ~ The Peace Maker

Raguel's name means 'Friend of God' and his principle role is to create harmony and order in relationships. He has the power to resolve disputes, and is often referred to as the Archangel of Justice and fairness. If you find yourself in a dispute as Raguel to act as mediator. he will come up with a creative solution where everyone wins. 


Archangel Raziel ~  The  Seer

Raziel's name means 'secret of God' because he works so closely with God that he knows all of the secrets of the universe, and how it operates. Raziel can help you too understand esoteric material and increase you ability to see, hear, know and feel Divine guidance. Alchemy, divine magic and manifesting.

Archangel Chamuel ~  The Finder

Chamuel' name means "He who sees God' or 'He who seeks God'. Chamuel is a powerful healer leader in the angelic hierarchy known as the 'Powers' who protect the world from fearful and lower energies. Call upon Chamuel for comfort, protection, and intervention in world events. Love, tolerance, gratitude. Call upon Chamuel if you need to find items, soulmate or the perfect job! Patron Angel of all who love God

Archangel Haniel  ~  The Grace

Haniel's name means 'Glory of God' Haniel helps us to recover lost secrets of natural healing remedies. Haniel also helps us enjoy more grace in our lives. Call upon Haniel to add beauty, harmony, and the company of wonderful friends to your life. Moon energy, clairvoyance and grace

Archangel Zadkiel ~  The Forgiver

Zadkiel's name means 'The righteousness of God' Zadkiel can help you hold mercy and compassion towards yourself and others, and let go of judgements and unforgivingness.To forgive yourself or someone else, ask Zadkiel for help. He is the Archangel of invocation, transformation. Angel of freedom, benevolence, mercy, and the patron Patron Angel of all who forgive.

Archangel Jeremiel ~  The Reviewer

Jeremiel's name means 'Mercy of God' In addition to being an archangel of prophetic vision's, Jeremiel helps newly-crossed over souls to review their lives. He helps those still living to take an inventory of their life, to be able to make positive adjustments. Visions, life review and psychic dreams.

Archangel Jophiel ~  The Beautifier

Jophiel's name means 'Beauty of God'. Jophiel helps us to think beautiful thoughts and to therefore create, manifest, and attract more beauty into our lives. She also sees the beauty in every person. Archangel of Illumination, wisdom, perception, thoughts of beauty and love.

Reviews and Testimonials


The following are true, unaltered reviews by clients of DawnOfAngels.

"I had a reading recently by Dawn.. It was with great amazement that I found her to be not only very professional but also extremely accurate- She was detailed and offered specific information on many areas of my life- Many of the details and information was correct especially concerning my family and close associates- Her warm demeanor also facilitates a great working and comfortable relationship when the reading is actually done- You feel like you are connecting to a close friend who truly cares about your well being- Again, from a professional prospective she is accurate and has an uncanny ability to get to the heart of the matter with past, present and  future projections that appear on target..I would recommend her highly as a psychic and intuitive."

Barbara S. Nanuet, NY


"She is an amazing person with a gift that astounds me each time she and I speak. The accuracy of her knowledge is always clear and concise and I've never had anything she has told me fail to appear in my life with positive results. Her gifts have guided me for years and I know will always be a guide for my future."

Mark S. Springfield, OH


"I am a long time client of Dawn's. She's been reading for me for nearly 10 years now and is the only psychic i will go to. Every year i have a party and book Dawn to read for my guests. Many have become clients of hers after and i wouldn't trust my loved ones and friends to any one else. I'm a much more peaceful person than i used to be and i contribute that to Dawn teaching me how to connect with the Angelic realm. Shes a blessing and has a true gift. I highly recommend her readings and her Angel Reiki sessions!"

Elena R. Closter, NJ


"As a long time practitioner of tarot cards and the runes, when it came to going to some one else for a reading I held to the the ancient axiom, "Physician Heal Thyself".  However, as I heard the overwhelming praise for Dawn's readings  from customers at our Psychic Fairs, I felt I needed to check her out.  From the onset Dawn knew.. she just knew. Her message is gentle but she doesn't hedge away from anything.  Since, that first personal reading, she is now, the first  and only reader I go to, before myself even.  I wish I had her gift.  She is also a commanding regular at the Psychic Saturdays at my shop,  so I am recommending her personally and professionally-- with out reservation."

Beth M Sparkill, NY



"I had my first reading with Dawn last year and now im hooked! Not only was everything just as she told me it would be but the reading was easy like talking to a friend. Ive been back to see her twice since then with my sister and my best friend who also got readings from her. We are all now loyal customers! Worth every penny!"

Marie G Tarrytown, NY



" Loved, loved, loved my reading with Dawn. I left feeling more confident and peaceful in my decisions. Everything worked out as she said it would. Total peace of mind, id see her again in a heartbeat."

Coraline J.  Montvale, NJ


 "Professional, and accurate has always been my experience."

June H.  Closter NJ


"Dawn has a beautiful connection with people and her connection with the angels is simply profound. During my reading experience with Dawn, she was able to comfort my fears by acknowledging my doubts within a specific area of my life and heart......the angels clearly spoke to her with specific and clear messages for me....she allowed the angels to speak through her and I felt a shift from my temporary despair to a realization of diving timing and intervention. 

 ....allow Dawn to connect you to your angels....I assume you too will receive messages from your angels through Dawn's grace and compassion for people...."

 Love and light,

Christine M. Nyack NY


" Ive come to Dawn for answers to questions about relationships, my job, friends and health. Ive never left disappointed. There are so few psychics who are real and here is an absolute gem. Real is the deal.

Josh R.  Stony Point, NY


" Ive known Dawn for years and every time shes read for me its been amazing. Shes always on target and its always a fun experience. "

Lainie B. NY ,NY

"I am really grateful i came across DawnOfAngels page on Facebook. Ive had a total of 5 readings over the last two years and they brought me not only insight to the issues but a whole new level of confidence and calm. I have a high energy job and i go to Dawn once a month for her Angel Reiki  and "bars" sessions. Its like a huge weight is lifted off me, i sleep better, i perform better and i let go of all that doesnt serve a positive purpose. Its like a cleaning of mind body and spirit. I appreciate what she does and her connection to the angels."

Ava B. Westerly, RI


"I've had readings in the past where the person tells random generic information, but Dawn uncovered things about me that she had no way of knowing about me other than "seeing" them.  Her accuracy was surreal.  Dawn was able to help me with some issues I had by being able to guide me and in some cases set my mind at ease even if it wasn't always what I wanted to hear.  Dawn has a special gift and I will definitely continue to seek her advice and guidance.

Linda R. Orangeburg NY

" I met Dawn at a psychic fair and was lucky enough to get some time in with her. It was THE BEST money ive ever spent on a psychic. Everything she said was accurate and on the money. Also since it was an angel reading all the messages just felt more caring and i left feeling really good about my year ahead. Totally cool experience and i convinced my mom and best friend to get appointments with her too. Ill be back for sure.

Marisol R. Woodcliff Lake NJ

"Ive had 3 appointments with Dawn over the past year and each one has helped me greatly. I highly recommend her as a psychic."

Anna B. Miami Fl.

"I never had an angel reading before and i have to say it might have been the best reading i ever had. Ive been to tarot readers before but this was just so much more in depth and there was an element of positivity in every message the angels had for me. Like i felt safe and it was really comfortable. Plus Dawn makes the readings great because shes easy to talk to and very compassionate. If youve never tried her you should treat yourself to something special. Im glad i went and i know ill be back."

Jessica H . Albany NY

"I went to Dawn hoping the angels could tell me about some personal issues i was dealing with and i wasnt disappointed. I left feeling so much better and more confident i was being guided by my angels. I loved my experience and Dawn is a very special person."

Hallie-Joy P. Baton Rouge LA.

" Ive been to many psychics in the past but this was a unique experience for me. Everything Dawn said was true and i really believe the angels were speaking to me through her. When i left i went out and got an angel necklace to always keep them close to my heart. Thank God for the angels and thank God for Dawn's gift."

Mary M. Gettysburg P.A.

" I loved my readings with Dawn so much ive made two more trips to see her. I bought my husband and best friend gift certificates with her for readings as well. Great experience for me."

Susan K. Sag Harbor NY

"Met Dawn at a  Psychic fair and was blown away by her accuracy and compassion. I am a happy customer."

George C. Ossining NY

" Found Dawn Of Angels on Facebook and i have to say it was the best thing to happen to me in months. I had a half an hour reading and was so totally thrilled with it a few months later i made an hour appointment. Everything was so accurate and happened just as she said it would. The bonus was i found out new things about myself and feel like i have a strong connection with the angels. So glad there are people out there like this that can bring us closer to inner peace."

Edie L. Chicago IL.

"Originally i met Dawn after buying her Archangel Home cleansing kit (which i love) and later had an Angel Reading with her. It was more than i couldve hoped for and i'm so glad i did it. I'm going to try her Angel Reiki next. Thanks so much Dawn, Love Rosie K"

Rose K. Sarasota Fl.

" Ive been following Dawn on her Facebook page for over a year now and i got hooked in with her free Sunday Angel Readings. It was pretty cool so i decided to book an appointment and it was totally awesome. I felt so, so much better after my appointment. I also totally love the meditations im learning from the blog and her Angel Meditation CD. She might just make me into a zen human being after all! LOL.

 Pippa M. East Hampton NY

"I went into this reading not knowing what to expect and i walked out feeling closure, comfort and hope. I will be returning to Dawn Of Angels again for more readings in the future."

Adele R. Fort Lee NJ

"Met Dawn at a Psychic and Wellness Fair this weekend and was blown away! She was the third psychic i had an appointment with at the fair and i was amazed at her accuracy and connection. She knew things ive never told anyone and i knew those messages couldve only come from my angels. She is the only one i will be making any more appointments with. Great experience for me"

Antonia P. River Vale NJ

"I now believe in angels and im forever changed for the better , thank you Dawn of angels"

Mark F  N.O. Louisiana

"For the past 5 years Dawn of DawnOfAngels has given psychic readings for me and my family. They have always been accurate and helpful and have brought comfort to me. My family has had some HUGE ups and downs and each time she has helped us connect to our Angels and seen us through it. Angels are real and im incredibly thankful for their help and for Dawn"

Priti W. Calabasas , CA



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Frequently asked questions..

Q. What do you do?

A. Im an Angel Psychic Medium!

I hear the Angels you were born with and the entire Angelic realm... I can bring you guidance from your Angels in any area of your life.

Q.  How long do readings last?

A.  There are 30 minute and 1 hour readings available. Longer readings by request.

Q.  Do i need to send you a picture or my birth date for a reading?

A.  Nope!.. All messages come from your own Angels or loved ones so nothing else is needed.

Q. Do you only do readings in person?

A. I do readings in person here, by phone and will even come to your home for a session by request if you are in Rockland/Bergen county. 

Q. How much is a reading?

A. Readings start at $85 and up. Prices vary by length and whether you have a reading in person, by phone or in your home.

Q.  What are your hours?

A.  My hours are flexible.  I  do readings 7 days a week and i try to accommodate the hours people need. There are morning, afternoon and evening sessions available.

Q. Do you do parties or groups?

A. Yes! You can book readings for your guests at your home .  Price varies by the amount of people and length of the readings.

Q. Do you do any other type of readings?

A. Yes! I also do Angel Tarot,  tea leaf  & coffee grind readings. 

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For questions or requests for  readings, please send me a message on my Facebook page @ www.facebook.com/ddawnofangels  

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